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by Aik Karapetian


Jan is a young man of about 20 who lives with his grandfather in a dreary housing complex on the outskirts of town. He and his best friend Cracker just hang out smoking weed, occasionally making a little cash on the side through petty theft. But then one evening Jan meets and becomes enchanted by the beautiful, high-class Sabina, and his mundane life gets thrown for a loop. He takes a liking to the lifestyle of the golden, pampered kids he meets, and he longs to penetrate society’s upper echelons. The desire for love and a better life pulls him from his resignation and goads him to fight against the hopelessness of his situation.

international title: People Out There
original title: Ljudi tam
country: Estonia
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Aik Karapetian
film run: 90'
screenplay: Aik Karapetian
cast: Ilya Shcherbakov, Semyon Serzin, Mikhail Razumovsky, Eduard Murashov, Viktoria Kondratenko
cinematography by: Janis Eglitis
film editing: Tambet Tasuja
art director: Henrijs Deičmanis
music: Elviss Zants, Kristaps Krievs
producer: Roberts Vinovskis
production: Studio Locomotive

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