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by Gaspar Noé


Because some acts can’t be undone. Because man is an animal. Because the desire for vengeance is a natural impulse. Because most crimes remain unpunished. Because the loss of a loved one sunders like a bolt of lightening. Because love is the source of life. Because premonitions don’t change the eventual course of events. Because time reveals everything, the best and the worst.

international title: Irréversible
original title: Irréversible
country: France
sales agent: Wild Bunch International
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Gaspar Noé
film run: 95'
release date: FR 22/05/2002, IT 24/05/2002, BE 05/06/2002, NL 01/08/2002, GR 27/09/2002, ES 11/10/2002, PT 27/12/2002, PL 24/01/2003, IS 31/01/2003, UK 31/01/2003, SI 06/02/2003, HU 10/04/2003, NO 06/06/2003, DE 11/09/2003, SE 10/10/2003, CZ 13/11/2003, AT 14/11/2003, DK 21/11/2003
screenplay: Gaspar Noé
cast: Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel, Philippe Nahon, Jo Prestia
cinematography by: Benoît Debie
film editing: Gaspar Noé
art director: Alain Juteau
costumes designer: Laure Culkovic
music: Thomas Bangalter
producer: Richard Grandpierre
production: Eskwad, Nord-Ouest Films, 120 Films
distributor: Mars Films Distribution, BIM Distribuzione, Paradiso Filmed Entertainment Belgique, Paradiso Filmed Entertainment Nederland, Vértigo Films, EcoFilmes, SPI International Polska, Good Times Distribution, Tartan Distribution, Arthaus, Alamode Film, Scanbox Entertainment Sweden, Cinestar Filmverleih, Playtime (GR), Creativa (SI), Atlantis (CZ)

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