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by Peter Brunner


Christos Haas, who plays the role of Kurt, suffers from Marfan Syndrome (a genetic disorder of the connective tissue, which causes hearth problems, blindness and extreme growth) in real life. But the film is much more than a document of Christos’ condition. After killing his clinging mother, Kurt goes on a journey that blurs the boundaries between perpetrator and victim. He meets other disabled people in a care home, drifts about in the confines of that society, befriends Conny, a thirteen-year-old escapee from a broken home who readily participates in Kurt’s protest against his body, ignoring the abyss into which his body is heading.

international title: My Blind Heart
original title: Mein blindes Herz
country: Austria
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Peter Brunner
film run: 92'
screenplay: Peter Brunner
cast: Christos Haas, Jana McKinnon, Susanne Lothar, Robert Schmiedt, Georg Friedrich, Christopher Schärf
cinematography by: Franz Dude
art director: Simone Raab, Nina Salak
costumes designer: Hanna Adlaoui-Mayerl
music: Cardiochaos
producer: Klara Veegh, Therese Seemann
production: Cataract Vision

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