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by Joanna Coates


A story of young people now - full of excitement, frustration, lust, and sadness. The film follows four young people who flee from London and set up in a polyamorous commune in the country, choosing total isolation as a form of emotional, intellectual, and political hiding place. Strange rules and rituals help to loosen their inhibitions as, fighting cynicism and ghosts from the past, they move towards a deeply unconventional joy.

international title: Hide and Seek
original title: Hide and Seek
country: United States, United Kingdom
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Joanna Coates
screenplay: Daniel Metz, Joanna Coates
cast: Josh O'Connor, Hannah Arterton, Rea Mole, Daniel Metz, Joe Banks
cinematography by: Ben Hecking
film editing: Maya Maffioli
producer: Daniel Metz

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