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by Robert-Adrian Pejo


A sweet, humorous tale about a German shepherd dog that travels around the world and saves lives, rewarded by nothing more than a pat on the head from his loving handler.
Paw is orphaned at birth and suffers a long and gruelling journey before he eventually finds sanctuary with a caring family and becomes a canine hero.
Inspired by true events, Paw is the story about a rescue dog and his equally gifted trainer, who together overcome both internal and external obstacles to achieve international fame, success, and fulfillment. With the endearing narration of Paw, our hero rescue dog, as well as brief animated sequences, their journey unfolds much like a fairy-tale.
Paw is the story about a friendship of a factory worker, and a crippled dog. Together, they find their purpose in life, and personal fulfillment, and a way to define themselves and their life trajectories, in post-communist Hungary. 

international title: Paw
original title: Mancs
country: Hungary
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Robert-Adrian Pejo
film run: 92'
screenplay: Robert-Adrian Pejo, Norbert Köbli, Katalin Szy
cast: Zsolt Trill, Orsolya Holecskó, Tamás Keresztes, Oszkár Nyári, László Szacsvay
producer: László Kántor
co-producer: András Poós
production: Új Budapest Filmstudió, Mancsfilm Kft, TV2 Hungary
backing: Hungarian National Film Fund

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