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by Olmo Amato, Samuele Sestieri


In a world abandoned by men, a mechanical monk follows a strange little red man. The two characters see deserts, visit ghost cities and walk in savage woods just to reach a magic hill. They will find an old, battered teddy bear, and this will be the first step of their friendship. Together, they will try with all their might to breathe life into the bear, so to fill the void of their lives.

international title: The Bear Tales
original title: I racconti dell'orso
country: Italy
sales agent: The Open Reel
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Olmo Amato, Samuele Sestieri
film run: 66'
screenplay: Olmo Amato, Samuele Sestieri
cast: Olmo Amato, Samuele Sestieri, Freya Roberts, Bengt Roberts
cinematography by: Olmo Amato, Samuele Sestieri
film editing: Samuele Sestieri
music: Riccardo Magni
producer: Olmo Amato, Samuele Sestieri
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