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by Simón Casal de Miguel


Magic meets reality in a story inspired by real events. 1942. Manuela, a single mother, works in the Wolfram mines in rural Galicia. The mines are run by Nazi Germany and the Allies are eager to make sure the strategic metal does not reach German factories. When her sister Candela helps a Jewish prisoner to cross the border to Portugal, they both will get involved in a game of power that will make them choose between their sense of justice or a riskless life.

international title: Dirty Wolves
original title: Lobos sucios
country: Spain, Belgium
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Simón Casal de Miguel
screenplay: Simón Casal de Miguel
cast: Marian Álvarez, Manuela Vellés, Isak Férriz, Thomas Coumans, Pierre Kiwitt
cinematography by: Sergi Gallardo
film editing: Jordi López
costumes designer: Marta Anta
music: Sergio Moure
producer: Pancho Casal, John Engel, Jordi Mendieta, Juan de Dios Serrano
production: Agallas Films, Dream Team Concept
distributor: Syldavia Cinema

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