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by Giuseppe Piccioni


A countryside town. Between old walls, on nocturnal jaunts along the shore, in the enchantment of a brief trespassing in nature, we experience the life and expectations of four girls whose friendship is not born out of overwhelming passions, mutual interests or great ideals. To unite them are not affinities but habits, occasional enthusiasms, harmless contrasts, feelings cultivated in secret. Their connection is unique and unrepeatable as are the few days they spend traveling together to accompany one of their friends to Belgrade, where a mysterious friend and an improbable work opportunity await them.

original title: Questi giorni
country: Italy
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Giuseppe Piccioni
film run: 120'
release date: IT 15/09/2016
screenplay: Giuseppe Piccioni, Pierpaolo Pirone, Chiara Ridolfi
cast: Margherita Buy, Maria Roveran, Marta Gastini, Laura Adriani, Filippo Timi, Alessandro Averone, Mina Djukic, Caterina Le Caselle
cinematography by: Claudio Cofrancesco
film editing: Alice Roffinengo
art director: Giada Calabria
costumes designer: Emanuela Naccarati
producer: Matteo Levi, Verdiana Bixio
production: 11 Marzo Film Produzioni Cinematografiche, Publispei, RAI Cinema
distributor: BIM Distribuzione

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