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by Gabriel Azorín


Learning to make films. That is the subject explored by Gabriel Azorín in Los mutantes, a sober non-fiction piece in which he touches on certain moments, away from the action of filming and its results, to go more deeply into the reflection and the pauses, the true interstices through which slips that elusive knowledge necessary to make films. Sergio Oksman, Carlos Muguiro, Eloy Enciso and Chus Domínguez are the ones who hand the torch on to the new generations, those who gradually mutate in ECAM (Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de Madrid) until they become filmmakers, before the eyes of this director who is both teacher and permanent pupil.

original title: Los mutantes
country: Spain
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Gabriel Azorín
film run: 62'
screenplay: Gabriel Azorín, Rafa Alberola Rubio, Perig Guinamant
cinematography by: Giuseppe Truppi
film editing: Perig Guinamant
producer: Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson
production: ECAM
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