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by Cyril Schäublin


Alice works in a call center in the outskirts of Zurich, selling internet subscriptions and insurance deals to strangers on the other end of the line. After work she walks through the city, which seems to function without any friction. Inspired by her job, she calls lonely grandmothers and pretends to be their granddaughter in urgent need of money. With this trick, she quickly makes a fortune.

international title: Those Who Are Fine
original title: Dene Wos Guet Geit
country: Switzerland
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Cyril Schäublin
film run: 71'
screenplay: Cyril Schäublin
cast: Sarah Stauffer, Nikolai Bosshardt, Fidel Morf, Belgouidoum Chihanez, Toni Majdaladi, Mohamed Aghrabi
cinematography by: Silvan Hillmann
film editing: Cyril Schäublin, Silvan Hillmann
costumes designer: Irene Schweizer
producer: Cyril Schäublin, Silvan Hillmann
production: Seeland Filmproduktion GmbH, Amon Films

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