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by Helena Wittmann


Two young women spend time together in a holiday destination on the coast. One soon returns home, while the other goes off traveling. Before they leave, the filmmaker takes us on a tour: the static camera moves from inside to outside, enlarging the world. Motion is created not by the camerawork, but in the dancing snowflakes around a lone lamp, the rolling of the waves or the dialogues and sounds in the background – stories of arrival and departure, but without being explicit. Then the camera sets off with the traveler on her journey, by bicycle, car, on foot and by boat, through fantastic landscapes and on endless bodies of water shown by turns in broad magnificence and beautiful detail. Where we are headed, and why, seem not to be relevant; just traveling, going with the flow – it’s all about the journey, not the arrival.

original title: Drift
country: Germany
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Helena Wittmann
film run: 98'
screenplay: Helena Wittmann, Theresa George
cast: Theresa George, Josefina Gill
cinematography by: Helena Wittmann
film editing: Helena Wittmann
music: Nika Son, Donnie Emerson, Joe Emerson
producer: Karsten Krause, Frank Scheuffele
production: Fuenferfilm

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