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by Andrea Pallaoro


An intimate and daring observation of a woman’s progressive loss of identity as she struggles to come to terms with her past and her own sense of reality. Left alone after her husband's imprisonment, Hanna begins to unravel. As her persistent denial reveals itself against a general truth, her reality becomes increasingly unhinged. Through the exploration of her compromised sense of identity and self-control, the film investigates contemporary alienation, the human struggle to connect, and the boundaries between individual identity, married life, and society.

international title: Hannah
original title: Hannah
working title: The Whale
country: Italy, France, Belgium, United States
sales agent: Newen Connect (a TF1 Group Company)
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Andrea Pallaoro
film run: 95'
release date: FR 24/01/2018, IT 15/02/2018, NL 22/02/2018, NO 13/04/2018, ES 18/05/2018, UK 1/03/2019
screenplay: Andrea Pallaoro, Orlando Tirado
cast: Charlotte Rampling, André Wilms, Stéphanie Van Vyve, Simon Bisschop, Jean-Michel Balthazar, Fatou Traore
cinematography by: Chayse Irvin
film editing: Paola Freddi
art director: Marianna Sciveres
costumes designer: Jackye Fauconnier
music: Michelino Bisceglia
producer: Andrea Stucovitz, John Engel, Clément Duboin
executive producer: Christina Dow
associate producer: Miriam Del Prete, Alon Knoll, Gregory Zalcman
line producer: Dario Cioni
production: Partner Media Investment - PMI, Left Field Ventures, Good Fortune Films, RAI Cinema, To Be Continued, Lorand Entertainment (US), Solo Five Productions (US), Take Five (US)
backing: MiBACT, Fondo Lazio Cinema International, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Eurimages, Creative Europe Media Development
distributor: Jour2fête, I Wonder Pictures, Imagine, Surtsey Films, 606 Distribution

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