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by Henrik Ruben Genz


It is the 1980s - Jens and his brothers live in a single-family house in Risskov, a suburb of Aarhus, Denmark. Here, the family's patriarch psychologist and self-appointed God - Uffe - rules the roost in his dressing gown and underwear. Changes threaten the peace when Uffe decides to write his memoirs. The family home is suddenly filled to the rafters with Uffe's loyal patients, who both provide Uffe with moral support - and drunken companionship. As insurrection smoulders on the part of his three sons, maternal Gerd Lillian does all she can to keep the family together. But for Jens, Thomas and Mikkel to break free of their father's tyrannical rule and grow up will require a final, inevitable showdown with 'God'.

international title: Word of God
original title: Word of God
working title: Gud taler ud
country: Denmark
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Henrik Ruben Genz
screenplay: Jens Blendstrup, Henrik Ruben Genz, Bo Hr. Hansen
cinematography by: Jørgen Johansson
film editing: Kasper Leick
art director: Torben Stig Nielsen
costumes designer: Manon Rasmussen
music: Kåre Bjerkø
producer: Signe Leick Jensen, Morten Kaufmann, Lina Wichmann
production: Toolbox Film

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