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by Julia Langhof


Twins Karl and Ann are facing their final high school exams. Their rich parents want their children to be successful. The ambitious girl knows what she wants to do with her life. The 17-year-old boy spends all his time on his blog where he posts photos and videos, creating an imaginary world. He is watched by thousands of followers who cannot be quite sure what’s true and what’s not. When Karl is dumped by his girlfriend, he turns to his faithful and only admirers, giving them control over everything he’s going to do from now on. He’ll let them decide about every aspect of his life. And even his death… A thriller about how digital media affect the development of young people’s identity; about a process in which the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are slowly becoming blurred.

international title: LOMO: The Language of Many Others
original title: LOMO: The Language of Many Others
country: Germany
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Julia Langhof
film run: 101'
screenplay: Julia Langhof, Thomas Gerhold
cast: Jonas Dassler, Lucie Hollmann, Peter Jordan, Eva Nürnberg, Barbara Philipp, Karl Alexander Seidel, Marie-Lou Sellem, Rainer Sellien
cinematography by: Michal Grabowski
film editing: Halina Daugird, Thomas Krause
art director: Stephan von Tresckow
costumes designer: Lea Sövsö
producer: Martin Heisler
co-producer: Frank Evers, Eva Kemme, Helge Neubronner
production: Lichtblick Film & TV Produktion, cine plus Filmproduktion

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