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by Amalie Næsby Fick, Jørgen Lerdam, Philip Einstein Lipski


Life in Solby is nice and peaceful until one day Mitcho and Sebastian find a message in a bottle by the harbour. The bottle is from the missing mayor of Solby with a message that he is on a mysterious island and has made a great discovery. Now they must embark on a perilous journey to help save the mayor and bring him home, and in the process they uncover something that will bring great pleasure to the city of Solby – a giant pear.

international title: The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear
original title: Den utrolige historie om den kæmpestore pære
country: Denmark
sales agent: Level K
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Amalie Næsby Fick, Jørgen Lerdam, Philip Einstein Lipski
film run: 78'
release date: DK 12/10/2017, RO 12/01/2018, HU 22/02/2018, FR 25/04/2018, GB 25/05/2018
screenplay: Bo Hr. Hansen
cinematography by: Niels Grønlykke
film editing: Hans Perk, Anders Sørensen
music: Fridolin T.S. Nordsø
producer: Trine Heidegaard, Thomas Heinesen
executive producer: Malene Ehlers, Lena Haugaard, Anders Mastrup, Henrik Zein
production: A.Film A/S, Einstein Film A/S, Nordisk Film Production A/S
distributor: Nordisk Film Distribution, Condor Distribution