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by Andrea Jaurrieta


Ana is a young, well-educated Spanish woman from a traditional middle-class family. She is about to finish her PhD in Law and get married but she doesn‘t feel fulfilled. One day, a double appears and takes her place. Realizing for the first time that she is totally free, Ana decides to explore her new anonymity and freedom, testing her own limits and searching for the meaning of life between a boarding house and cabaret nights in Madrid.

international title: Ana by Day
original title: Ana de día
country: Spain, France
sales agent: Media Luna New Films
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Andrea Jaurrieta
film run: 105'
release date: ES 9/11/2018
screenplay: Andrea Jaurrieta
cast: Ingrid García Jonsson, Francisco Vidal, Maria José Alfonso, Mona Martínez, Fernando Albizu, Iñaki Ardanaz, Álvaro Ogalla, Irene Ruiz, Antonio Ponce, Iván Luis
cinematography by: Juli Carné Martorell
film editing: Miguel A. Trudu
art director: Lita Echeverría
costumes designer: Javier Bernal, Claudia Pérez Esteban
music: Aurelio Edler-Copes
producer: Iván Luis, Andrea Jaurrieta
executive producer: Andrea Jaurrieta
associate producer: Martin Samper
production: No Hay Banda, Andrea Jaurrieta PC, Pomme Hurlante Films
backing: Gobierno de Navarra (ES)
distributor: Syldavia Cinema

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