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by Peter Luisi


In order to get out of a financial crisis, high school teacher Balz Naef (53) starts recruiting and training streakers for illegal sport betting. While he and his team help streaking become the new trend sport, his situation does not improve. In the contrary. His troubles have only just begun.

international title: Streaker
original title: Flitzer
country: Switzerland
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Peter Luisi
film run: 93'
release date: DE 16/11/2017
screenplay: Peter Luisi
cast: Beat Schlatter, Doro Müggler, Bendrit Bajra, Luna Wedler, Daniel Mangisch, Philippe Graber, Una Rusca, Lorenz Nufer, Simone Kern, Roberto Martinez Martinez
cinematography by: Nicolò Settegrana
film editing: John von Ascheraden
art director: Chasper Bertschinger
costumes designer: Bozena Civic
music: Michael Duss, Christian Schlumpf, Martin Skalsky
producer: Peter Luisi, David Luisi
production: Spotlight Media Productions AG
distributor: Frenetic Films, X Verleih

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