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by Petr Šprincl


Ondrej Jajcaj has been obsessed with death since childhood. Starting as a grave-robber, he became self proclaimed scientist/philosopher, focused on the dental remnants of the dead. Jajcaj’s goal is to liberate society from fearing death. To accomplish this, Jajcaj and his followers set on a journey with his mobile caravan of death, moving from village to village and confronting people with the phenomenon of death. The journey eventually turns to Vienna, where Jajcaj returns the dental remnants of Johann Strauss and Johannes Brahms. The remnants, which he took from their graves himself. Majorettes juggle with femur bones and Jajcaj’s caravan moves to another village. The journey doesn’t end, but loops into infinity.

international title: Vienna Calling
original title: Vienna Calling
country: Czech Republic
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Petr Šprincl
film run: 67'
screenplay: Matyáš Dlab
cinematography by: Jiří Havlíček
film editing: Michal Böhm
producer: Marek Novák
executive producer: Marek Novák
production: Xova Film

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