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by Aron Lehmann


New pupil Roxy is turning all the boys' heads. On a class trip to Berlin, the quick-witted 17-year-old befriends sensitive outsider Cyril, who quickly falls for her. Roxy is interested in pretty boy Rick, who — unlike Cyril — isn't very eloquent. And pick-up artist Benno is also in the picture. In a daring matchmaking attempt, Cyril aims to protect Roxy from the player Benno, even if it means helping Rick to score with Roxy. He writes cool song lyrics and romantic text messages, and Roxy really goes for it. At first. Who will, in the end, win the heart of the most beautiful girl in the world? A retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac for the digital age.

international title: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
original title: Das schönste Mädchen der Welt
country: Germany
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Aron Lehmann
release date: DE 6/09/2018
screenplay: Judy Horney, Lars Kraume
cast: Aaron Hilmer, Luna Wedler, Damian Hardung, Heike Makatsch, Anke Engelke, Johannes Allmayer, Jonas Ems, Marko Dyrlich, Frank Kessler, Marian Meder
cinematography by: Andreas Berger
film editing: Ana de Mier y Ortuño
art director: Myrna Drews
costumes designer: Ramona Petersen
music: Boris Bojadzhiev
producer: Peter Eiff, Theodor Gringel, Timm Oberwelland, Sebastian Zühr
co-producer: Jonathan Saubach, Felix Wendlandt, Matthias Wendlandt, Thomas Weymar
line producer: Martin Cichy
production: TOBIS Film GmbH
distributor: Tobis Film

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