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by Dario Pleić


She watches him through the window as he loads the final pieces of furniture into the truck. They are counting down the last hours in their home. Their seven-month-old baby is asleep, unaware of the trouble brewing. They will either vacate the apartment peacefully, or they will be forcefully evicted. Their home, her father's legacy, used to be their safe haven, their family nest. Now, corrupt courts, greedy bankers, and unscrupulous real estate investors have turned it into a site of their worst nightmares. As tension rise, they struggle to preserve their relationship. In the morning, as police knocks on their door, their future seems uncertain, but their options are very clear: either accept injustice or show resistance.

international title: Home
original title: Dom
country: United Kingdom, Croatia
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Dario Pleić
film run: 71'
screenplay: Dario Pleić
cast: Mislav Čavajda, Judita Franković, Filip Vidović, Katarina Baban, Nikša Butijer, Sara Moser, Alen Liverić, Danijel Radečić
cinematography by: Igor Zelić
film editing: Danijel Pejić, Maida Srabović
art director: Dubravko Duran
costumes designer: Lea Krpan, Katarina Zaninovic
music: Alen Siknauz, Nenad Sinkauz
producer: Dario Pleić
co-producer: Jure Pavlovic, Dario Domitrović, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor
production: Filmski Kolektiv j.d.o.o., Sekvenca, Embrio Production, Film and Music Entertainment