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by Luca Ferri


A young girl is getting ready to welcome a client at her apartment. The man, transposition of Don Quixote in a 90s Milan, following a precise ritual, devotes himself to the maniacal cleaning of four rooms. The girl, personification of Dulcinea, eats, reads, paints her nails and smokes. She dresses up and gets undress as if Don Quixote was not there and as if there was no relationship between them. The client, following a pathological scheme, steals some girl’s objects, putting them in plastic bags and then inside a small briefcase. Sometimes the objects being fetishized are destroyed like victims of maniacal bursts. This mechanism leads to the repetition of a celibate and solitary rite.

original title: Dulcinea
country: Italy
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Luca Ferri
film run: 64'
screenplay: Luca Ferri, Alessandro Rota
cast: Naomi Morello, Vincenzo Turca, Dario Bacis
cinematography by: Pietro De Tilla
film editing: Chiara Tognoli
art director: Samantha Angeloni, Giulia Pils
costumes designer: Michela Borsotti
music: Dario Agazzi
producer: Luca Ferri
production: Enece Film
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