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by Sarah Marx


Fresh out of jail, Ulysse has only one idea in mind: making money. Confronted by his depressed mother, Gabrielle, the bills that never stop piling up and his desire to live his life to the full, he makes a plan. With his best friend, David, he’ll travel from
rave to rave, selling a mixture of water and Ketamine from their food truck. Together, they hit the road…

international title: Truk
original title: K Contraire
working title: L’Enkas
country: France
sales agent: Versatile
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Sarah Marx
film run: 85'
release date: FR 22/01/2020
screenplay: Sarah Marx, Ekoué Labitey, Hamé Bourokba
cast: Sandor Funtek, Sandrine Bonnaire, Virginie Acariès, Alexis Manenti, Lauréna Thellier
cinematography by: Yoan Cart
film editing: Karine Prido
art director: Antoni Gimel-Lecosse
music: Lucien Papalu
producer: Hamé Bourokba, Ekoué Labitey, Dominique Lancelot, Sarah Marx
production: La Rumeur Filme, Les Films du Cercle, Orange Studio
distributor: Les Valseurs
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