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by Giorgio Treves


1938-2018: eighty years have passed since the Fascist regime’s promulgation of the racial laws. An important and unfortunately still highly relevant anniversary. Eighty years ago the Italian people, who have not traditionally been anti-Semitic, were induced by Fascist propaganda to accept the persecution of a minority that had been living peacefully in Italy for centuries.
What made this possible? And how much do we know about that moment in history today?

international title: 1938 Diversi
original title: 1938 Diversi
country: Italy
sales agent: Upside Distribution
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Giorgio Treves
film run: 62'
release date: IT 11/10/2018
screenplay: Giorgio Treves, Luca Scivoletto
cinematography by: Sammy Paravan
film editing: Valeria Sapienza
music: Lamberto Macchi
producer: Roberto Levi, Carolina Levi
production: Tangram Film, Sky Studios Italia
distributor: Mariposa Cinematografica

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