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by Tamas Yvan Topolanszky


As America prepares to enter WW2, Hungarian film director Michael Curtiz grapples with political intervention and a dysfunctional relationship with his estranged daughter amid the troubled production of Casablanca in 1942.

original title: Curtiz
country: Hungary
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Tamas Yvan Topolanszky
film run: 98'
release date: HU 17/09/2018
screenplay: Tamas Yvan Topolanszky, Zsuzsanna Bak, Ward Parry
cast: Lili Bordán, Evelin Dobos, Caroline Boulton, Nikolett Barabas, Kata Sarbó, Declan Hannigan, Yan Feldman, Björn Freiberg, Rafael Feldman, Scott Alexander Young
cinematography by: Zoltán Dévényi
film editing: Eszter Bodoky
art director: Dorka Kiss, Kata Kiss, László Rajk
costumes designer: János Breckl, Lucia S. Hegyi
music: Gábor _Subicz
producer: Claudia Sumeghy, Tamas Yvan Topolanszky, Barnabás Hutlassa
co-producer: Judit Romwalter
executive producer: Orian Williams
associate producer: Lili Bordán, Robert Erdélyi, Jeff Hammer
production: Halluci-Nation, JUNO11 Pictures, Sparks
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