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by Nicolás Pacheco


Adela and her mother, Concha, live in a shantytown in the outskirts of the city. One day, fed up of the misery imposed by her husband, Concha decides to risk everything, stealing a large sum of money to run away with Adela. But they are discovered and, during the pursuit, Concha runs her husband over. A fable of crossing lives where the full power, harshness and hope of love, chance and death are always present.

international title: Cages
original title: Jaulas
country: Spain
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Nicolás Pacheco
release date: ES 23/11/2018
screenplay: Nicolás Pacheco
cast: María Cabrera, Manolo Caro, Manuel Cañadas, Estefanía de los Santos, Antonio Dechent, Antonio Estrada, Mila Fernández, Marta Gavilán, Stefan Mihai, Belén Ponce de León
cinematography by: Alejandro Espadero
film editing: Ana Álvarez-Ossorio
costumes designer: Esther Vaquero
music: Pablo Cervantes
producer: Antonio P. Pérez
executive producer: Antonio P. Pérez
production: A Contracorriente Films, Suroeste Films, Spal Films
backing: Televisión Española (ES), Canal Sur (ES), Junta de Andalucía (ES), ICAA (ES)
distributor: A Contracorriente Films
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