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by Matti Kinnunen


Story about a father and his son and small town bullies and those who stare beside silently approving all bad to happen. Ex-priest moves to small town of Harmaaketo together with his son, where they get instantly bullied and terrorized. Even when there’s zero tolerance for such things, no one can or don’t want to stop it before it’s too late and things escalate to the point of no return.

international title: Time Out
original title: Pieniä suuria valheita
country: Finland
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Matti Kinnunen
film run: 95'
release date: FI 16/11/2018
screenplay: Matti Kinnunen, Juha Koiranen
cast: Mikko Nousiainen, Niila Nousiainen, Santtu Karvonen, Pihla Penttinen, Heikki Hoppania, Veera Kinnula, Seppo Halttunen, Juha Kukkonen, Minna Suuronen, Ona Kamu
cinematography by: Hans Barck
film editing: Kauko Lindfors
costumes designer: Niina Pasanen
music: Juha Koiranen
producer: Juha Kukkonen
line producer: Teemu Karvonen
production: Vegetarian Films
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