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by mint film office


“Ten churches are closing down each week, and I think that’s the reason why there's such a big demand for coaching,” says one of the many speakers in this bold, rigidly structured documentary that examines a variety of forms of self-development and courses for inner growth and performance improvement.
We visit therapy sessions with animals, such as pig massage and leadership training with horses, a presentation about happiness for elementary school kids, a “coping with tension and aggression” course in a municipal law enforcement department, and a vlogger trying to calm her stressed-out followers with gentle, relaxing sounds, to name a few.
It’s left up to us to decide whether these mindfulness programs and courses symbolize something greater—a phenomenon of sorts. Throughout the film, the camera purposely keeps a distance in a wide shot, just outside the group. "Now something is slowly changing" is first and foremost a cinematic observation of the modern-day search for personal growth and a sense of meaning.

international title: 'Now something is slowly changing'
original title: 'Now something is slowly changing'
country: Netherlands
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: mint film office
film run: 105'
cinematography by: David Spaans
film editing: Albert jr. Markus
production: mint film office
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