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by Yaroslav Lodygin


Herman is forced to return from Kharkiv to this native town in Donbas in order to take over his brother’s petrol station which the cross-border mafia has its eye on. The wild fields surrounding it are a historical gateway from the East to the West – a place where different interests clash time and again. The events at the old petrol station become a model of the crazy life and social relationships in Ukraine, a witty allegory of the time when hints of the imminent Donbas war are in the air.

international title: The Wild Fields
original title: Dike pole
country: Ukraine, Switzerland
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Yaroslav Lodygin
film run: 118'
screenplay: Natalia Vorozhbyt, Serhiy Zhadan, Yaroslav Lodygin
cast: Oleg Moskalenko, Vladimir Yamnenko, Georgiy Povolotskiy, Oleksiy Gorbunov, Ruslana Khazipova
cinematography by: Serhiy Mykhalchuk
music: Fima Chupakhin
line producer: Vladimir Yatsenko
production: Limelite, Film Brut

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