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by Ian Soroka


Drifting through the densely forested landscape of southern Slovenia – Greetings From Free Forests encounters stories that emerge from the land itself; measuring the gap between an event of popular resistance and its lingering remains within a foreclosed present. A film born from a territory where the memories of the partisan war are intertwined, the treasures of the Slovenian Film Archives and the beauty of the forests.

international title: Greetings From Free Forests
original title: Lep pozdrav iz svobodnih gozdov
country: Slovenia, United States, Croatia
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Ian Soroka
film run: 98'
screenplay: Ian Soroka
cinematography by: Ian Soroka
film editing: Ian Soroka
music: Anders af Klintberg
producer: Ian Soroka
co-producer: Sarah Noor Phoenix, Barbara Rosenberg, Luka Rukavina, Anna Winter
production: Plan 9
backing: Pica Pica Productions (US)

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