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by Daria Woszek


Marygoround is a black comedy drama about Mary, just about to turn 50, an agnostic collector of virgin Mary statues. Due to annoying symptoms related to menopause she is forced to see her gynaecologist. He gives her special menopausal patches which are supposed to bring immediate relief. That same night Mary’s liberated and vibrant niece – Helena crashes her house, as usual, to sleep on the sofa. Whether due to hormones or other reasons, this time Mary behaves differently and Helena notices immediately. Mary’s senses and imagination are suddenly alive. she starts exploring life and looking for new adventures. Helena’s supportive and understanding auntie is gone. This leads to complications and forces the two women to redefine their relationship. Mary undergoes significant change which Helena must learn to accept. When Mary breaks free from her life- long illusions, she is finally ready to lose her virginity, in a literal and metaphorical sense, and become a new person.

international title: Marygoround
original title: Maryjki
country: Poland
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Daria Woszek
screenplay: Daria Woszek
cast: Grażyna Misiorowska, Helena Sujecka, Janusz Chabior, Sylwester Piechura
producer: Jan Pawlicki, Marcin Lech
production: Jutrzenka Studio
backing: Polish Film Institute (PL)

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