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by Maura Delpero


Sister Paola has just arrived to Buenos Aires from Italy to finish her novitiate and take her final votes at the Hogar, an Italian religious centre for teen mums in Buenos. Once there, she will face a world she wouldn't expected. Lu and Fati, both 17, are children abruptly converted into mothers. Fati is a shy girl living in the shadow of a difficult past. Lu is hot-headed and wants to join the violent boy she likes. One night Lu, in her intimate dilemma between the love for her child Nina and the attraction for her boyfriend, will escape the Hogar, "abandoning" Nina. While Lu's away, Sister Paola is given the custody of Nina, living kind of a short maternity that will arouse deep doubts in her heart about her life and her monastic path. When Lu finally comes back, they both have to face the consequences of their actions and deal with a new consciousness of their maternity.

international title: Maternal
original title: Hogar
country: Italy, Argentina
sales agent: Charades
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Maura Delpero
film run: 91'
release date: FR 7/10/2020
screenplay: Maura Delpero
cast: Lidiya Liberman, Renata Palminiello, Denise Carrizo, Agustina Malale, Marta Lubos, Isabella Cilia
cinematography by: Soledad Rodríguez
film editing: Ilaria Fraioli, Luca Mattei
art director: Yamila Fontan
costumes designer: Jam Monti
producer: Alessandro Amato, Luigi Chimienti, Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa, Nicolás Avruj, Diego Lerman
production: dispàrte, Vivo Film, RAI Cinema, Campo Cine (AR)
backing: MiBAC (IT), Regione Lazio (IT), IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission (IT), INCAA (AR), Ibermedia
distributor: Memento Distribution, Lucky Red

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