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by Armando Capó


Cuba (August, 1994). The world of Carlos is collapsing. His little hometown is a chaos. His friends are leaving, his grandmother dies, he is exploring sexuality. He was hoping for a normal summer but his emotions are upside down while he tries to survive with an uncertain future when government politics change and thousands of cubans are throwing themselves to the sea with the hope of escaping.

international title: August
original title: Agosto
country: Cuba, Costa Rica, France
sales agent: m-appeal
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Armando Capó
film run: 85'
screenplay: Abel Arcos, Armando Capó
cast: Damián González Guerrero, Lola Amores Rodríguez, Rafael Lahera Suárez, Verónica Lynn López, Glenda Delgado Domínguez, Alejandro Guerrero Machado, Luis Ernesto Bárcenas, Tatiana Monge Herrera
cinematography by: Javier Labrador Deulofeu
film editing: Juan Soto, Ariel Escalante
music: Alex Catona
production: Paraiso Production Diffusion, D’Safia Producciones (CU), La Feria Producciones (CR)
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