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by Benjamin Parent


Tom, 16, is a sensitive teenager who is about to enter a new high school after being expelled. He intends to find his place, make friends and seduce the girl he loves. Tom needs the support of his older brother, Leo, a true mentor, who is working to make him a “cool kid”. However, Leo's fraternal benevolence hides a destructive temperament... Will Tom be able to grow up finding his own path?

international title: Man Up!
original title: Un vrai bonhomme
working title: Bonhomme
country: France, Belgium
sales agent: Indie Sales
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Benjamin Parent
film run: 88'
release date: FR 8/01/2020
screenplay: Theo Courtial, Benjamin Parent
cast: Thomas Guy, Benjamin Voisin, Isabelle Carré, Andranic Manet, Tasnim Jamlaoui, Laurent Lucas, Guillaume Arnault, Léa Rostain
cinematography by: Pierre Cottereau
film editing: Béatrice Herminie
music: Pierre Lefeuvre
producer: Caroline Adrian
production: Delante Productions, Delante Films, France 2 Cinéma, Été 75, Scope Pictures
backing: Canal+ (FR), Ciné+ (FR), région Île-de-France (FR), Emergence (FR)
distributor: Ad Vitam

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