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by Alejandro Salgado


In Arabic, the word barzaj means something like limbo, the intermediate state between two things. In the Koran, it is the interval between death and the day of final judgment. In the limbo of a night that seems eternal, in front of an uncertain maritime horizon, a group of young people - those designated as "MENAS" - wait in Melilla for the moment to reach Europe. A collection of moments electrified by hope and the dead times (between nostalgia and the future) of young people with an indomitable freedom to whom the Sevillian Alejandro Salgado (Bolingo, The Forest of Love) portrays in a rare mixture of truth and poetry.

international title: Barzakh
original title: Barzaj
country: Spain
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Alejandro Salgado
film run: 73'
cinematography by: Sergio Caro
film editing: David G.López, Alejandro Salgado
producer: Irene Hens, David G.López
production: La Maleta Films
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