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by Teodor Kuhn


Ludovít has lost his son to a ruthless neo-nazi attack. But, due to a failing in the Slovak legislation, the attackers are soon released and Ludovít is faced with an absurd instance of injustice. He struggles with the apathetic police force, the opportunistic judge, but also with the fact that he was never really close to his own son. The more he blames himself for his son's death, the more his relationship with his wife Zuzana and younger daughter Janka falls apart, and the more he tries to influence the investigation.

international title: By a Sharp Knife
original title: Ostrým nožom
country: Slovakia
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Teodor Kuhn
film run: 89'
release date: SK 21/02/2019, CZ 25/04/2019
screenplay: Teodor Kuhn, Jakub Medvecký
cast: Roman Luknár, Ela Lehotská, David Hartl, Ela Stefunková, Marian Mitas, Jana Oľhová, Tána Radeva, Miroslav Krobot, Sáva Popovic, Moloch Vlavo
cinematography by: Denisa Buranová
film editing: Pavel Hrdlicka
art director: Michal Losonsky
costumes designer: Martina Cernakova
music: Michal Novinski
producer: Jakub Viktorín
co-producer: Tomáš Hrubý
executive producer: Simona Hrusovska

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