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by Lois Patiño


Since Rubio was hit by a wave and the fisherman was pulled down into the depths, life in a coastal town in Galicia has stood strangely still. A fragmentary tale of witchcraft, drowned sailors and sea monsters, as much from the past as from the present.

international title: Red Moon Tide
original title: Lúa vermella
working title: Tempo vertical
country: Spain
sales agent: Lights On
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Lois Patiño
film run: 84'
screenplay: Lois Patiño
cast: Ana Marra, Carmen Martínez, Pilar Rodlos, Rubio de Camelle
cinematography by: Lois Patiño
film editing: Lois Patiño, Pablo Gil Rituerto, Óscar de Gispert
art director: Jaione Camborda
costumes designer: Judith Adataberna
producer: Felipe Lage
co-producer: Iván Patiño
executive producer: Felipe Lage
production: Zeitun Films, Amanita Films
backing: AGADIC (ES)
distributor: Elamedia

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