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by Arash T. Riahi


The Chechen refugee kids Oskar (8) and Lilli (13), who have been living in Austria for six years, are about to be deported along with their mother. When their mother attempts suicide it results in the short-term suspension of the deportation – but also in the forced separation of the family. The children’s hope that they will be reunited with their mother is nourished by their love for each other and challenges all bureaucratic obstacles with passion and poetry. A bitter-sweet odyssey about the many ways of perceiving the world around you in order to survive.

international title: Oskar & Lilli - Where No One Knows Us
original title: Oskar & Lilli - Ein bisschen bleiben wir noch
country: Austria
sales agent: Les Films du Losange
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Arash T. Riahi
film run: 102'
release date: FR 4/03/2020
screenplay: Arash T. Riahi
cast: Leopold Pallua, Rosa Zant, Christine Ostermayer, Alexandra Maria Nutz, Markus Zett, Simone Fuith, Rainer Wöss, Anna Fenderl
cinematography by: Enzo Brandner
film editing: Stephan Bechinger, Julia Drack
art director: Gerhard Dohr, Katrin Huber
costumes designer: Monika Buttinger
music: Karwan Marouf
producer: Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz
production: Wega Film
distributor: Les Films du Losange

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