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by Paweł Banasiak


A life story of a Polish model and a celebrity who made a dazzling career in Italy in the early 2000s with its twists and turns. Her life could become a script for a TV series. Sexually abused in her childhood and sold to a brothel by a mafia as a teenager, later on she entered the milieu of sport stars and political celebrities. The high-octane lifestyle leads to a prompt burnout – the flip side of addictive euphoria is depression. At the end of the day, after many years, she seems to have found her peace thanks to faith. The former heroine of moral scandals becomes a symbol of the struggle for premarital chastity. Yet this success comes at a cost…

international title: Fortunata
original title: Fortunata
country: Poland
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Paweł Banasiak
film run: 80'
screenplay: Paweł Banasiak
cinematography by: Paweł Banasiak
film editing: Paweł Banasiak
music: Jerzy Rogiewicz
producer: Paweł Banasiak

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