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by Annika Grof


There Will Be Spring is a harrowing drama about war broken people in 1940's Finland hovering between desire and hate.

international title: There Will Be Spring
original title: Syksyn jälkeen saapuu kevät
country: Finland
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Annika Grof
film run: 74'
release date: FI 27/08/2020
screenplay: Annika Grof
cast: Asta Sveholm, Turkka Mastomäki, Verneri Lilja, Sari Havas, Timo Lavikainen, Hanna Lekander, Wanda Dubiel, Antti Raivio, Lenni Vähäkylä, Aava Rokkanen
cinematography by: Jarmo Kiuru
film editing: Sari Antikainen, Joon Tervakari
art director: Niclas Warius
costumes designer: Hanna Hirvonen
music: Ville Riippa
producer: Joon Tervakari
production: Tarasow Films Oy
distributor: Tarasow Films Oy
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