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by Martin Šulík


Josef is a writer aged sixty, who thinks that nothing can surprise him any more. One evening, though, his phone rings and he finds himself caught up in a series of events that turn his world upside-down. His best friend – also a writer – tries to commit suicide; his young girlfriend Katka tells him she’s pregnant; and the man with hare ears – his alter ego from one of his stories – appears to him in everyday situations.

international title: The Man with Hare Ears
original title: Muž se zaječíma ušima
country: Slovakia, Czech Republic
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Martin Šulík
film run: 104'
release date: SK 22/10/2020
screenplay: Marek Lešcák, Martin Šulík
cast: Miroslav Krobot, Oldřich Kaiser, Alexandra Borbély, Zuzana Kronerová, Zuzana Mauréry
cinematography by: Martin Štrba
film editing: Marek Šulík
art director: Frantisek Liptak
costumes designer: Katarína Hollá
producer: Rudolf Biermann
line producer: Josefina Borecka
production: Titanic, In Film Praha, Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska - Radio and Television Slovakia
backing: Slovak Audiovisual Fund (SK), Czech Film Fund (CZ)
distributor: Garfield Film, AQS A.S

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