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by Jennifer Sheridan


A young couple living alone in the woods must contend with a life-altering illness that manifests itself in a violent and terrifying way. Rose’s disease is a vampiric, parasitic thirst for blood. As her hunger grows, all humanity seems to give way to a feral violence that harms both her and those around her. The pair’s love strains under the burden of Rose’s illness, and it is only a matter of time until the secluded life that they have built is upended entirely.

international title: Rose: A Love Story
original title: Rose: A Love Story
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: The Yellow Affair
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Jennifer Sheridan
film run: 86'
screenplay: Matt Stokoe
cast: Sophie Rundle, Matt Stokoe, Nathan McMullen, Olive Gray, Boadicea Ricketts
cinematography by: Martyna Knitter
film editing: Andrew Harmer, Jennifer Sheridan
art director: Jessica Barrell
costumes designer: Sophie Monro-Pruett
music: Cato Hoeben
producer: April Kelley, Sophie Rundle, Matt Stokoe, Sara Huxley
executive producer: Robert A. Halmi, Paul Higgins, Jim Reeve
line producer: Sara Huxley
production: Mini Productions, Bone Garden Films, The Development Partnership, Great Point Media, Field Park Films

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