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by Yann Gozlan


Mathieu is a young and talented black box analyst on a mission to solve the reason behind the deadly crash of a brand new aircraft. Yet, when the case is closed by authorities, Mathieu cannot help but sense there is something wrong with the evidence. As he listens to the tracks again, he starts detecting some seriously disturbing details. Could the tape have been modified? Going against his boss’ orders, Mathieu begins his own rogue investigation – an obsessional and dangerous quest for truth that will quickly threaten far more than his career...

international title: Black Box
original title: Boîte noire
country: France
sales agent: StudioCanal
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Yann Gozlan
film run: 129'
release date: BE 8/09/2021, CH 8/09/2021, FR 15/09/2021, PT 16/09/2021, HR 23/09/2021, DE 28/10/2021, ES 3/12/2021
screenplay: Yann Gozlan, Simon Moutaïrou, Nicolas Bouvet, Jérémie Guez
cast: Pierre Niney, Lou de Laâge, André Dussollier, Sébastien Pouderoux, Olivier Rabourdin
film editing: Valentin Féron
art director: Patrick Schmitt
costumes designer: Olivier Ligen
producer: Thibault Gast, Wassim Béji, Matthias Weber
executive producer: Thibault Gast, Wassim Béji, Matthias Weber
production: 2425 Films Production, WY Productions, France 2 Cinéma
distributor: Anga Distribution, Frenetic Films, StudioCanal, Nos Lusomundo Audiovisuais, Blitz Films & Video Distribution, StudioCanal Germany, VerCine

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