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by Jo Sol


Armugan is a man in the mountains, accompanied by the vast sky, the sheep and a personal aide. Armugan has a movement disability. His aide Anchel has worked in the palliative care unit at a hospital. When Armugan is called, Anchel helps him down from the mountains to the one who needs his assistance. Armugan is a Finisher. People are afraid of him, as they sense that he knowns something they do not. A Finisher has the skills and knowledge to help the ones who are dying. Anchel wants to learn that ancient and forgotten art.

international title: Armugan
original title: Armugán, el último acabador
country: Spain
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Jo Sol
film run: 90'
screenplay: Jo Sol
cast: Gonzalo Cunill, Iñigo Martínez, Núria Lloansi, Núria Prims
cinematography by: Daniel Vergara
film editing: Afra Rigamonti
producer: Daniel Vergara, Jo Sol, Leo Dolgan
production: La Bendita Produce, Shaktimetta Produccions
backing: Gobierno de Aragón (ES), Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza (ES), Aragón Televisión (ES), TV3 (ES), Muestra de Cine de Ascaso (ES), TuHuesca, Huesca la Magia del Cine (ES), Asociación Oscense de Realizadores (ES), Ayuntamiento de Boltaña (ES), Ayuntamiento de Huesca (ES)
distributor: Noucinemart

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