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by María Pérez Sanz


In this film, Christina Rosenvinge is Karen Blixen (better known as Isak Dinesen), a free and adventurous woman who is the author of the extraordinary famous Out of Africa. María Pérez Sanz builds an intimate, elegant and delicate portrait of Blixen’s recent times in Africa through vignettes of crystalline light punctuated by the music of Rosenvinge herself. Especially the particular relationship between Karen and her Somali servant Farah Aden: a friendship ahead of their time, in which those differences that seem unsolvable (a European woman in a position of power and an African man) are dissolved against an ancestral understanding.

international title: Karen
original title: Karen
country: Spain
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: María Pérez Sanz
film run: 65'
release date: ES 4/06/2021
screenplay: María Pérez Sanz, Carlos Egea
cast: Christina Rosenvinge, Alito Rodgers Jr., Isabelle Stoffel
cinematography by: Ion de Sosa
film editing: Carlos Egea
music: Christina Rosenvinge
producer: Ignacio Salazar-Simpson, Ricardo Marco Budé, Irene Ramos Ballesteros, Cristina Hergueta Garde, Bárbara Gut
production: redantfilms, Obra La Belleza AIE (ES), Siete Hachas (ES)
distributor: Begin Again Films

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