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by Marina Lameiro


After 25 years of non-stop creation and at the peak of their career, the rock band Berri Txarrak decided to hang up their instruments. But before they did that, and as a farewell, they did one last tour around the world to thank all those fans who had bopped to their music all those years. Filmmaker Marina Lameiro went with them with the intention of recording the occasion, construct-Eng a choral portrait from diverse stories that range from Spain to Mexico, Germany, Japan, the United States, etc., all marked by a common passion: the music of Berri Txarrak. We see what their songs have left behind in a story that follows the final steps of a group capable of transcending a style, a language, and several generations to become a universal phenomenon. Dardara (Trembling) is a documentary that progresses through the lyrics and reflections of Gorka Urbizu, author of the group's songs for a quarter of a century and who now faces the vertigo of a creative future that is yet to be written. A film about the power of music and passion - the "minimum requirement," as one of their lyrics says. Passion is what has guided them from their beginnings to this last tour and what has allowed them to become an important part of the life of thousands of people.

original title: Dardara
country: Spain
year: 2021
genre: documentary
directed by: Marina Lameiro
film run: 98'
release date: ES 18/03/2021
screenplay: Marina Lameiro
cinematography by: Marina Lameiro, Miguetzo Molina, Álvaro García, Maddi Barber
film editing: Diana Toucedo
music: Berri Txarrak
producer: Itziar García Zubiri
executive producer: Pablo Iraburu, Igor Otxoa
production: Arena Comunicación,, Only in Dreams (ES)
backing: EiTB MEDIA (ES), Gobierno de Navarra - Ayudas Generazinema (ES), programa Innova-Cultural de Fundación Caja Navarra (ES), Fundación "La Caixa" (ES), Instituto Etxepare (ES)
distributor: Atera Films

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