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by Robert Bresson


Captured French Resistance fighter Lieutenant Fontaine awaits a certain death sentence for espionage in a stark Nazi prison in Lyon, France. Facing malnourishment and paralyzing fear, he must plot an extraordinary escape, complicated by the questions of whom to trust, and what lies beyond the small portion of the prison they are housed in.

international title: A Man Escaped
original title: Un condamné à mort s'est échappé ou Le vent souffle où il veut
country: France
year: 1956
genre: fiction
directed by: Robert Bresson
film run: 101'
release date: FR 11/11/1956, NL 01/03/1957, UK 1957, SE 06/02/1958, HU 08/05/1958, IT 27/11/1958, PT 15/04/1959, FI 01/04/1960, DK 07/11/1960, DE 20/09/1961, ES 06/08/1969
screenplay: Robert Bresson
cast: François Leterrier, Charles Le Clainche, Maurice Beerblock
cinematography by: Léonce-Henri Burel
film editing: Raymond Lamy
art director: Pierre Charbonnier
producer: Alain Poiré, Jean Thuillier

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