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by Federico Fellini


One year in a small northern Italian coastal town in the late 1930s is presented. The slightly off-kilter cast of characters are affected by time and location, the social mores dictated largely by Catholicism and the national fervor surrounding Il Duce aka Benito Mussolini and Fascism. The stories loosely center on a mid-teen named Titta and his household including his adolescent brother, his ever supportive mother who is always defending him against his father, his freeloading maternal Uncle Lallo, and his paternal grandfather who slyly has eyes and hands for the household maid. Other townsfolk include: Gradisca, the town beauty, who can probably have any man she wants, but generally has no one as most think she out of their league; Volpina, the prostitute; Giudizio, the historian; a blind accordionist; and an extremely buxom tobacconist. The several vignettes presented include: the town bonfire in celebration of spring; life at Titta's school with his classmates and teachers;

international title: I remember
original title: Amarcord
country: France, Italy
year: 1973
genre: fiction
directed by: Federico Fellini
film run: 123'
release date: IT 18/12/1973, DE 22/03/1974, NL 18/04/1974, DK 26/04/1974, FR 09/05/1974, PT 07/06/1974, SE 02/09/1974, BE 13/09/1974, UK 26/09/1974, FI 20/12/1974, IE 17/01/1975, PL 02/03/1975, ES 25/03/1975, HU 06/05/1976, DD 04/02/1977, TR 04/05/1981, CZ 14/01/2003, SK 25/06/2003, RS 26/02/2005, RU 29/06/2011
screenplay: Federico Fellini, Tonino Guerra
cast: Magali Noel, Bruno Zanin, Pupella Maggio
cinematography by: Giuseppe Rotunno
film editing: Ruggero Mastroianni
art director: Danilo Donati
costumes designer: Danilo Donati
producer: Franco Cristaldi

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