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by Werner Herzog


Fitzcarraldo is an obsessed opera lover who wants to build an opera in the jungle. To accomplish this he first has to make a fortune in the rubber business, and his cunning plan involves hauling an enormous river boat across a small mountain with aid from the local Indians.

international title: Fitzcarraldo
original title: Fitzcarraldo
country: Germany, Peru
year: 1982
genre: fiction
directed by: Werner Herzog
film run: 158'
release date: DE 04/03/1982, FR 02/05/1982, SE 16/07/1982, NL 09/09/1982, ES 09/1982, BE 18/11/1982, IT 23/11/1982, UK 1982, PT 06/01/1983, FI 11/02/1983, DK 21/02/1983, HU 22/09/1983, SI 26/02/1985, RS 04/03/2005, GR 14/11/2009, RU 27/06/2011, IS 01/10/2017
screenplay: Werner Herzog
cast: Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale, José Lewgoy
cinematography by: Thomas Mauch
film editing: Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus
art director: Ulrich Bergfelder, Henning von Gierke
costumes designer: Gisela Storch
producer: Werner Herzog, Willi Segler, Lucki Stipetic
executive producer: Walter Saxer
associate producer: Renzo Rossellini

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