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by Agnès Varda


In winter in the south of France, a young woman is found frozen in a ditch. She's unkempt, a vagabond. Through flashbacks and brief interviews, we trace her final weeks as she camps alone or falls in with various men and women, many of whom project their needs onto her or try to give her life direction. She squats in an old house smoking hash with a man, falls for a Tunisian laborer and works beside him pruning grape vines, stays with a couple shepherding goats, meets an agronomist trying to save plane trees, gets tipsy with an old woman, and has an offer to appear in porn films.

international title: Vagabond
original title: Sans toit ni loi
country: France
year: 1985
genre: fiction
directed by: Agnès Varda
film run: 105'
release date: IT 30/08/1985, FR 04/12/1985, SE 29/01/1986, ES 16/04/1986, DE 24/04/1986, BE 03/07/1986, FI 26/09/1986, UK 1986, DK 10/09/1987, HU 08/10/1987, PT 22/01/1988, NL 12/02/1989, RU 15/07/1995, GR 13/11/2000, UA 27/10/2021
screenplay: Agnès Varda
cast: Sandrine Bonnaire, Macha Méril, Stéphane Freiss
cinematography by: Patrick Blossier
film editing: Patricia Mazuy, Agnès Varda
art director: Jean Bauer, Anne Violet
producer: Oury Milshtein

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