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by Olivier Assayas


Gilles and Christine a boy and a girl live in the outskirts of Paris, their families are ineffective and distant and they lead a purposeless life. They steal some records in a supermarket but she is caught and sent to a nursing home by force by her parents. She escapes and follows Gilles to a house where some other youths live. They then decide to go south: Christine has been told there is a commune there, where artists live. So they head south sleeping rough...

original title: L’eau froide
country: France
year: 1994
genre: fiction
directed by: Olivier Assayas
film run: 95'
release date: FR 17/05/1994, IT 22/11/1994, GR 11/1994, SE 11/1994, NL 01/06/1995
screenplay: Olivier Assayas
cast: Virginie Ledoyen, Cyprien Fouquet, Laszlo Szabo
cinematography by: Denis Lenoir
film editing: Luc Barnier
art director: Gilbert Gagneux
costumes designer: Françoise Clavel
producer: Georges Benayoun, Paul Rozenberg
executive producer: Elisabeth Deviosse, Françoise Guglielmi, Casanova Yannick
associate producer: Chantal Poupaud

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